• Captive, Cogeneration & Independent Power Plant (There are various attractive schemes available from Indian/State Government)
  • Base on Solid Fuels Like Coal, Biomass, Agro Waste, MSW and RDF (Capacity from 1MW to 100MW)
  • Gas Based - Bio Gas, Flared Gas (Capacity from 50 kW to 10MW)
  • Solar Power Plant (Capacity from 1MW to 50MW with various types)
  • Wind Mill Power Plant (Capacity from 50 kW to 50MW)
  • Small Hydro Power Plants (Capacity from 250 kW to 10MW)
  • Hybrid Technology Based Power Plants (Capacity from 100 kW to 2MW)


  • Integrated Sugar Plant with Distillery & Cogeneration Plant, Process Automation / modernisation for optimisation of steam & power
  • Independent Distillery Plant / Grain Based - Agro Waste Based Distillery
  • Independent Jaggery Plant (Capacity 250TCD-500TCD) with cogeneration power (Capacity above 1000TCD)
  • Milk Plant (Pasteurisation, Powder, Butter, Cheese, Ice-cream, Curd-Butter Milk-Milk Shakes, Preservation and Packing)
  • Agro Industries (Cold Storages, Preservation of Agro products, Grain Mills, Oil Extraction and Starch & by-products)
  • Food Process Plants (Pulp, Food Process, Preservation and Packing, Packaged Drinking Water) (There are various attractive schemes available from Indian/State Government)


  • Waste Segregation & Collection Management, Wet Fraction-Biogas-Compost, Dry Fraction-RDF, Recyclable-Plastic ingots-Diesel, Remnant Material to Landfill
  • Municipal Solid Waste Management
  • Small Town & Grampanchayat Waste Management
  • Conversion of Industrial Wastes like Canteen Waste, Flared Gas & Other Solid Waste in to Kitchen Gas & Power Generation
  • Cow Dunk & Other Farm Waste Based Biogas Plant for Kitchen Gas & Power Generation (There are various attractive schemes available from Indian/State Government)


Automobile Industries

Cement Industries

Chemical Industries

Food Industries

Mining Industries

Power Industries

Textile Industries

  • Monitoring & Automation System For Process (Design & Installation Of Feasible DCS, PLC & Instrumentation)
  • Raw Water Lifting System, RO System / Water Treatment Plant With Water Storage Tanks & Pumping Station
  • Fuel Unloading - Preparation – Storage & Handling System - Piping (Solid Fuel Storage Yard / Tank Farm)
  • Unloader, Grab-Bucket Crane, Mono, Single-Double Girder EOT Crane
  • Material Handling System (Chain-Belt Conveyor, Elevators, Pneumatic Conveying System)
  • Steam Generation Plant With Steam Distribution-Piping System (Various Types Of Boilers)
  • HP Heaters, Heat Exchanger, Condenser & Dryers
  • Pollution Control Equipments / Systems With Ash Storage & Handling System
  • Chimney With Gas Sampling – Testing System And Lightning Arrestor & Indicators For Aviation
  • Cooling Tower / Chilling System With Piping For Hot & Cold Circulation System
  • Air Compressor System & Instrument Air Piping
  • HVAC
  • Interface Piping
  • Weighbridge, Auto Weighing / Flow Measuring System – Equipment
  • Inverter With Battery Backup, D. G. Sets
  • Wireless Communication System
  • Fire Detection & Fire Protection System



Technical Assistance for Selection of Project

Project Finance

Liaisoning with Various Government Agencies

Design Engineering

Project Management

Quality Control & Inspections

Monitoring Plants Efficiency & Troubleshooting

Stage Wise Implementation of Recommendations in Energy Audit

Promotion of Innovative Concepts & Event Management